Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Happy New Year Update...

We hope every one's holidays were nice... :)

2008 has us hitting the ground running already!

Derek is doing his Kempo classes and just got his orange belt this month:

He also did his first school program last month. The Kindergarten - 3rd Grade did the Christmas program at school this year:

Jimmy has been doing great too. He is still doing Kempo and is testing for him Brown belt this month. He also wants to start guitar and is doing basketball this season for the school. He made Principal's Honor Roll last quarter - we couldn't be prouder of these two!

Dave is studying hard for Master Sergeant. His test date is late next month. We also just sent in his audition tape for DEAL OR NO DEAL! So wish him luck on both... :)

Elena is wondering why she thought it was a good idea to double up her college classes... Really though, I am doing well, keeping busy (and my head above water - that is always a good thing!) with school, work, and the kids.

That's all that has been going on with us in a nutshell... We are still praying for a miracle for Dad, but realize it may be his time to be with the Lord soon. Only time will tell though, so we pray for the best...

Anyway, I will try and update this more than every two weeks! :)


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