Friday, August 12, 2005

Our Little Swimmer

Derek's 1st Swimming Lessons

Derek just completed his first swimming lessons, and we couldn't be more proud! He learned basic water safety and has gotten brave enough to put his whole head underwater... He is so funny!

We will probably start him on more lessons next month... Jimmy is doing private lessons every weekend (so they won't interfere with his football schedule) and is doing great too!

Won't be long till we have little fishies... :)

Dave is just finishing up his softball season (playoffs are next week). After which, he will be playing flag football.

Elena is finishing up some design team scrapbooking projects, and will soon be doing some custom scrapbooking work. She is still busy with the web design and advertising. She is also working on the family cookbook!

Life is busy as usual in the Bedner family household! :)


David & Elena

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Boys on the Range Posted by Hello

We are Here!

Well, we are finally here and settled in Wyoming. The trip was great (well except for a little mishap with the rooftop carrier) - both the dogs and the kids were great on the trip. We moved into base housing on June 3rd and things are finally settling down for us. We are getting into a daily routine...

We LOVE the house. It is so much newer and nicer than the digs we had in DC. It is already starting to feel like home. We really like the area - it is very laid back and life is alot slower here for us...

Dave's job is great so far! He comes home for lunch, he is able to play intramural sports again (he is already on a downtown softball team), and the kids have made friends already... After Dave and Jimmy compete in a Father/Son Sports Challenge, we have plans to BBQ with the neighbors for Father's Day.

Surprisingly, there is LOTS to do here... The base is really big on Services and activities. The kids will be busy with swimming lessons, karate (just what Derek needs - oh dear...), and flag football in the fall. There are all kinds of family trips and activities at Tickets and Tours, and we actually can experience weekends as a family again! We are finally at a real base again - hallelujah!! :)

Elena will be scrapbooking her little heart out once her room is back in order and she catches up from the mound of work she is under... We took some pictures and will be sure to share more soon! See the ones we have so far here:

Wyoming Photo Gallery

Great to be back online!

The Bedners

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Derek's Birthday Antics Posted by Hello

Our Easter Weekend

Hey guys!

Just an update on our Easter weekend... We had a great time at Todd & Laurie's house and spending time with Dave's family. We went up last weekend to spend Easter and celebrate Derek's birthday.

The kids went to an Easter Egg hunt on Saturday morning at the Elks (thanks Grandpa & Grandma!). Later that evening everyone came over Laurie & Todd's for a little birthday dinner. Between opening the Easter Baskets, and Derek's birthday gifts, it was like Christmas again! :)

Sunday we had a nice time at Joe & Julia's house. It was so nice to see the family and spend Easter! The food was great, and the company awesome. At one point we even busted out a world Atlas to find out exactly where the heck Wyoming is! We found: It is very far from Connecticut. :( Another find: Dave and I will have a vacation home in Scotland. Go figure!

We spent Monday vegging out at the house and then left later that night. We came home to find that wind had blown our basketball hoop right through the windshield of Dave's car. Crap.

It is fixed now though, and we are both back to work. Jimmy is home this week on Spring Break, but he is back to school on Monday... It was a great weekend - thanks for the hospitality everyone!


David, Elena, Jimmy, & Derek

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Our Thespian Posted by Hello

Congrats Jimmy!

Jimmy did an excellent job on his first play last night! His third grade class had "Paragon Night" and did a skit about the Algonquin Indians. Jimmy studied his line for over a week and nailed it last night! We were so proud to see him up there, with nerves of steel.

I remember about three weeks ago, he came home from school and mentioned that he told his teacher he didn't want to be in the school play. I asked him why, and he answered, "What if I forget my line??"

We sat down and had a talk about just forgetting your fears, being brave, and taking chances. He decided he was going to go for it, and signed on the next day.

He didn't stumble or stutter at all - and he remembered his LONG line:"The word Algonquin means "at the place of spearing fishes and eels, " which makes perfect sense because we have always made our homes beside the lakes and streams of the North."

We are so very proud of Jimmy and his accomplishment last night!

Friday, February 18, 2005

Wyoming Sky Posted by Hello

It's Official!

Well everyone,

It is official! The USAF has decided to send us to FE Warren AFB in Wyoming! That is going to be a serious change of pace for us... But after getting adjusted to the idea, we are really excited and anxious. We are sad to be so far away from family, friends, and our new house though. But, we've never lived in this part of the country so the journey should be an exciting one.

We saw pictures of the base housing and it is really nice! Alot of it is new and there is no waiting list for a three bedroom right now. Keep your fingers crossed that it stays that way! I will have to say goodbye to my scrapbook studio/office here in DC, but there looks like there will be plenty of room for a little space for my work in Wyoming. I am so incredibly lucky to be able to pick up and take my business with me.

We are leaving the DC area at the middle/end of May, so we still have a little time left in this area. Dave's last weekend at the Department of the Interior is next weekend, so we will have lots of time to see what we want to see here before we leave. On the agenda: a visit to Sesame Place so Derek can see Elmo and friends!

We'll keep you posted on our move!

David, Elena, Jimmy & Derek

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Happy Birthday Christi!

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Happy Belated Birthday Christi! Hope your special day was
wonderful! Wish we could have been there... I know you wanted
a birthday cake sooo guess what? Here it is!

We love you!
:) Vin, Elena, Jimmy & Derek