Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Dave's Eye Surgery

Hey all,

Thought it was about time that I publish an update... We have had a busy beginning of the year already.

Dave had his eye surgery (PRK) this past Monday at the Air Force Academy. It went well... We spent two days in Colorado Springs (GORGEOUS area - I took LOTS of pictures), and have to go back this Friday for his follow up.

His right eye is really bothering him today, but this is to be expected. He is doing really well. After the appointment this Friday, they will remove his protective contact lenses and he will have follow ups here in Cheyenne. He can already see an improvement. They say it will take around 3-6 months before the complete results can be assessed. He woke up the first morning and could see the alarm clock without squinting!

The boys are doing great. Derek is doing a week at the Youth Center - he loves it. Jimmy is going to be going to football camp over the summer. They are holding off on Karate right now as baseball season is going to start soon.

Elena is still plugging away at her college courses - her goal is to graduate by the end of the year (or the beginning of next).

A big CONGRATS to Amy and Chris who got engaged this month! We are so happy for them - we can't wait for the wedding guys! :)

That's life these days in the busy Bedner household... :)