Friday, February 18, 2005

Wyoming Sky Posted by Hello

It's Official!

Well everyone,

It is official! The USAF has decided to send us to FE Warren AFB in Wyoming! That is going to be a serious change of pace for us... But after getting adjusted to the idea, we are really excited and anxious. We are sad to be so far away from family, friends, and our new house though. But, we've never lived in this part of the country so the journey should be an exciting one.

We saw pictures of the base housing and it is really nice! Alot of it is new and there is no waiting list for a three bedroom right now. Keep your fingers crossed that it stays that way! I will have to say goodbye to my scrapbook studio/office here in DC, but there looks like there will be plenty of room for a little space for my work in Wyoming. I am so incredibly lucky to be able to pick up and take my business with me.

We are leaving the DC area at the middle/end of May, so we still have a little time left in this area. Dave's last weekend at the Department of the Interior is next weekend, so we will have lots of time to see what we want to see here before we leave. On the agenda: a visit to Sesame Place so Derek can see Elmo and friends!

We'll keep you posted on our move!

David, Elena, Jimmy & Derek