Thursday, March 17, 2005

Our Thespian Posted by Hello

Congrats Jimmy!

Jimmy did an excellent job on his first play last night! His third grade class had "Paragon Night" and did a skit about the Algonquin Indians. Jimmy studied his line for over a week and nailed it last night! We were so proud to see him up there, with nerves of steel.

I remember about three weeks ago, he came home from school and mentioned that he told his teacher he didn't want to be in the school play. I asked him why, and he answered, "What if I forget my line??"

We sat down and had a talk about just forgetting your fears, being brave, and taking chances. He decided he was going to go for it, and signed on the next day.

He didn't stumble or stutter at all - and he remembered his LONG line:"The word Algonquin means "at the place of spearing fishes and eels, " which makes perfect sense because we have always made our homes beside the lakes and streams of the North."

We are so very proud of Jimmy and his accomplishment last night!