Saturday, December 15, 2007

Sledding Weather

It has been snowing alot here lately in Wyoming - perfect sledding weather! And the new camera Dave got me for my birthday has been coming in handy! I got this awesome shot of Derek and Dave sledding the other day - it is HILARIOUS! I couldn't havecaught this image with my other camera - that's for sure!

Look at the sheer terror on their faces... LOL And the deathgrip Derek has on Dave's jeans...

Good times! :)

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Hi everyone,

Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving surrounded by your families. Here's to great food, great company, and giving thanks for all the blessings in our lives...

Happy Thanksgiving!


The Bedner Family

Friday, October 19, 2007

Our Family Birthdays

Here is the updated (FINALLY! LOL) list of our family


01 - Cathy P.
11 - Sal Sr.
16 - Marie N.
26 - Christi C.


06 - Isabel C.
10 - Jackie G.
18 - Alison S.
20 - Nicole G.
27 - Auntie Yo


03 - Sal Jr.
14 - Sue G.
16 - Joe N. Sr.
21 - John M.
22 - Derek


18 - Our Anniversary


06 - Gram
17 - Auntie Ann, Laurie & Todd's Anniversary
19 - Matt G., Amanda G.
21 - Mindi B., Paul & Sue's Anniversary


03 - Marisa G.
04 - Jacob G.
06 - Jessie P.
08 - Dad David (Bedner), Randolph A.
12 - Brent C (Go HAWGS)
19 - Minerva A.
20 - Veronica M.
21 - Anthony C.
25 - Chew Dog!
26 - Joe & Ann's Anniversary
27 - Joe M.
28 - Ned P.


05 - Chris E.
07 - Steven M.
15 - Kelsey H.
19 - Kelly C.
23 - Andrew G.
27 - Kyndall H.
28 - Sal & Yo's Anniversary


11 - Rob E.
29 - Ernie M.
30 - Elbonye D.


04 - Gina P., Eric B.
08 - Sonya J.
14 - My Boo David B.
16 - Jared and Jenna M.
18 - Amy B.
22 - Dad (Lopez-Diaz)
24 - Karen H.
29 - Carol E.


09 - Joe N. Jr.
13 - Laurie M.
15 - Mom (Pasha)
17 - Ann M.
18 - Angie N.
21 - Paul G.
30 - Mom (Lopez-Diaz)


02 - Allie!
06 - Josephine A.
09 - Joe G.
11 - Dianne B.
12 - Mom & Dad's Anniversary
15 - Jimmy, Bailey C.
21 - Norma S.
23 - Carlos M.
25 - Cathlyn A.
26 - Larae P., Randhy A.


01 - Todd M.
04 - Paul G. Jr.
22 - Greg G.
23 - Mike G.
26 - Samuel C.
27 - Riley C.

If you are family (or a family friend) let me know if I
messed up or missed you! :)

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Mom and Derek (First Day @ Kindergarten)

Here's a great shot of Elena and Derek at his first day of kindergarten. Derek was not scared or worried at all. In fact, when we walked him into his class and got him settled in, he told us we can go now. That boy has no fear of anything much less "The first day of school". Mom even held it together and did not shed a tear although both mom and dad felt a bit of sadness rolled up with pride.

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Derek & Jimmy 1st Day of School

Here's a shot of the Jimmy and Derek walking to their bus stop on the first day of school. Mom of course got them matching back packs (Yankees). I love the the picture and how it captures the two brothers venturing off to new adventures. Because of their age difference, this will be the only year in which both Jimmy and Derek will be in the same school in the same year.

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How about some trickery...the play was designed to run right with a reverse to the left. Derek takes the ball and hands it off to his teammate and then carries out his assignment to the fullest. Pretty good play from a bunch of 4 and 5 year olds.

Derek's Reception

Derek caught the first ball for his team this Saturday. After making the catch he made one little move and darted down the sideline but was eventually caught by a quicker kid. It was an awesome play.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Giants Win!

The Giants win (6 - 2) on a last second play desperation play with some fancy footwork from a player name Steven.

Game Winner

Derek not only scored two TDs in one game but this one was the game winner!

Derek Scores his First TD

Derek scores his first Touchdown!

Jimmy Hustles

Jimmy never quits on this play and pulls the flag with a dive.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Jimmy's Interception

Jimmy shows off his ball-hawking skills while he and
the rest of the Giants defense pitched a 14-0 shutout
against the Eagles...

1st Day of Football...

Man, it has been SHAMEFULLY long since we have
updated this site.... I am going to try and blog more
often with more updates...

This was our first day for flag football. The boys
did awesome! They had a great time too. I am going
to try and post some video of the games...

This first one is an AWESOME run play by Derek. His
vision on the field is uncanny! Looks like he was
born with the "stuff".

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Bedner Family Update

Hey guys!

Here is an update on what we've been up to...

Dave: Dave is busy at work and getting ready to test for
MSgt. Wish us luck! He has been studying hard and he so
totally deserves it... He tests in March so we have a few
weeks yet of studying.

Elena: I have been busy with work, school, and life in
general. I am in the last week of a very "writing
intensive" class so I am thankful... I have been scrapbooking
and writing articles and things for my sites too... Here is
one of my latest layouts:

Jimmy: Jimmy has been doing great in school... He just
won 3rd place for the 5th Grade in the school science fair.
He is a little freaked out that he is going to have to present
his project at District. I know he will do a GREAT job. He
has also been perfecting his yoyo tricks - he's pretty good!

Derek: Derek is testing for Yellow Belt in Kempo this
weekend. I am so proud of him! He can't wait to get his
new belt. I have to get him a belt rack for his room -
just like Jimmy... Both boys are going to take a break
from Kempo to do baseball...

And for our BIG family news...

We booked our Vacation for Spring Break:

We booked a one week cruise on the Carnival Conquest
out of Galveston. The kids are super excited. We cruise
from Galveston to Montego Bay, Grand Cayman, and
Cozumel. This is the same cruise (different boat) that
Dave and I took for our Honeymoon. So - now the kids
get to see it...

We can't wait!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Happy New Year!

Man 2006 flew by!

We had a wonderful holiday season... We didn't do any traveling
(and we missed our families) but we did have a nice quiet
Christmas at home... Some highlights:

Dave: He got almost two weeks off work! We slept in, stayed in
our PJs and just did nothing. It was glorious. Dave got a GPS
system for his car, and a sunroof deflector he had been wanting.
Santa also brought him a signed proof copy of The Godfather
Returns. One of his goals is to read it cover to cover this year...

Elena: I baked and baked and baked this holiday season. It was
so nice to take some time off and enjoy the food and my family.
I gained 4 lbs, but it was worth it enjoying everything... LOL
Now I am just going to get back into my routine to get them back
off again... Santa brought me a new laptop, router, and printer.
I love it - I can work in any room of the house now!

Jimmy: Jimmy went back to school yesterday. Getting up in
the AM again - yuck! Jimmy also opened up his very own
Bank account last week - to hold all that Christmas $$ he got!
We are teaching him to save rather than spend... Santa
brought him Heelies (which he was shocked to get) and a drum
set (which he was even more shocked to get!).

Derek: Derek is getting so big! This Christmas was probably
one of the most fun for him. He is old enough to be all excited
and anticipate Christmas morning... All he wanted was a
Snowmonster Set and a Ben Ten watch. Santa delivered that -
and then some!!

We were snowed in twice during those two Blizzards that hit
Denver, but it really wasn't that bad... Maybe Santa will get
us a snowblower next year! LOL

We were truly blessed this year...

Happy New Year!