Friday, August 12, 2005

Our Little Swimmer

Derek's 1st Swimming Lessons

Derek just completed his first swimming lessons, and we couldn't be more proud! He learned basic water safety and has gotten brave enough to put his whole head underwater... He is so funny!

We will probably start him on more lessons next month... Jimmy is doing private lessons every weekend (so they won't interfere with his football schedule) and is doing great too!

Won't be long till we have little fishies... :)

Dave is just finishing up his softball season (playoffs are next week). After which, he will be playing flag football.

Elena is finishing up some design team scrapbooking projects, and will soon be doing some custom scrapbooking work. She is still busy with the web design and advertising. She is also working on the family cookbook!

Life is busy as usual in the Bedner family household! :)


David & Elena